We can have an alias, a pseudonym, thinking that hiding our real names will provide us with a cover. We can use VPNs and other security measures to hide our digital whereabouts. We can even limit our circle to such an extent that only those with whom we are close know our names, our sexual and our gender identities.

Sadly, nothing is ever 100 percent protection. The only way to protect ourselves is to hide who we are from everyone. Or to hide ourselves from ourselves. And that is a slow death, caused by suffocation and fear. So we must persevere. We must look for light in the cracks, knowing the cracks might very well be the death of us but knowing that they are also the places where we breathe.

May we be protected from the evils of being outed. May we be protected from dying because of fear. May we find places that give us a moment of respite from this constant homophobia and transphobia. May we choose to live despite the unbearable risks.

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