Ethioqueer Podcast: Gratitude

As we complete the first season of Ethioqueer podcast, we would like to thank the people who participated. Given the homophobia in Ethiopia and the risks involved both in coming out and being outed, we are grateful for the trust that our guests exhibited. As queer people ourselves,  we know the real risks that they took by allowing us to interview them and to subsequently air the conversations. 

From coming out to the challenges of being a masculine presenting woman to the biphobia that people experience in the Ethiopian LBTQ community, we were able to have meaningful conversations about so many issues. Any effort at building community requires all of us to come together and play our part. Ethioqueer Podcast (and Queer Ethiopia which produces the show) is possible because of the participation of the LBTQ community.

We think of Ethioqueer Podcast as a collective of sorts and you as a community own it. We are able to do the work that we do because you have generously supported our efforts by participating as guests and as listeners. We are grateful and we hope you will continue to support us as we move to season two. 

Our last episode for this season is a conversation between the cofounders about what Ethioqueer means to them, who they are, the rationale behind starting it and their plans for the next season.

Thank you and we hope you will keep coming back to hear yourself reflected.

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