#2 What was you first love like?

It happened when I was a first year student …

While I knew that I had fallen in love with a woman when I was still in secondary school, I never really thought about it but I also knew, without having to ask anyone, that my falling in love with a woman should be held as a big secret. When I joined my assigned university, I didn’t really think that I would ever  have to deal with these thoughts. I thought I would get a boyfriend and enjoy life on campus.

But I fell in love with a woman who lived on my floor within the first month of arriving on campus.  How did it happen? That is a very good question. I am naturally a very extrovert and playful person. I had already created a good rapport with my dorm mates within the first weeks of my arriving on campus and we would spend the evening listening to music in each other’s rooms. Messi and I had not yet met as she was late coming to campus. I saw her  sort of lying on the bed listening to people one evening when I went to someone’s dorm room. I don’t think I need to explain to those of you who are queer what I mean when I say that we caught each other’s eye. We exchanged looks that made us both melt on the spot. Suddenly I felt that my  secret was being exposed. Someone introduced us in the middle of the music and the game by saying “Mellu, this is Messi and she is in the Department of Engineering. She arrived late on campus.” That night she didn’t say anything and I went to the dorm without engaging as much as I normally would. As I pondered what had transpired between us, I wondered if she had felt the same way.

We met again a few days later, we didn’t say much … I didn’t know what to say and the fact that she is the quiet type made things challenging. She came to my dorm one day after days of us not talking and generally ignoring each other. We were sitting on my bed talking when I suddenly wanted to kiss her. I did not have the language to approach or to ask. I instantly  kissed her on the lips. … I was shocked. Without saying a word, she jumped down from the bed and left the room … I couldn’t think of what to say next. I followed her down the stairs, I thought that maybe she was going to tell others.

What can I tell you? My shock and her reaction to my kissing her made me freak out. I didn’t know what to do. She sat in the dark leaning against a tree and I sat down next to her and I quietly said “I am sorry”. “Why did you do that?” she asked me. I didn’t have an answer and she left to go to her dorm. I left after a few minutes to go to my dorm and slept.

We hadn’t talked for almost a week, we would pass each other in the hallways as if we didn’t even know each other. I assumed she was upset with me so I also stopped going to the dormitory where we would all gather.

One day I was sitting alone in the dorm and since my bed is in front of the door, people could see me when passing by. Messi suddenly came in and closed the door. I was shocked and rose from the bed when I saw her. We didn’t say a word. We leaned against the dorm door and passionately kissed for sometime.

That was the day we started dating without really knowing that that sort of love was a possibility …

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