Easing suffering

We know that it is strange to write about the current situation in Ukraine while we have chosen to stay silent about the war and the millions of internally displaced people in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa. This is a calculated decision made in part to avoid drawing undue attention to ourselves and thus to continue serving the LBTQ community in Ethiopia. 

The suffering of people is always a concern. The racism that Black and brown refugees are experiencing as they flee the war in Ukraine is heartbreaking. The fear that the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine is experiencing due to homophobia, queerphobia and transphobia is heartbreaking. There is not much that those of us in Ethiopia can do to alleviate the pain of the suffering. But perhaps It is a reminder that we need to do what we can for those amongst us who are suffering because of their gender, sexuality, religion and/or ethnicity.

We must always stand for what is just. In whatever small way.

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