Excerpts from a Diary: Ramadan memories

This is our “Excerpts from a Dairy” series. We publish excerpts of thoughts and reflections from emails, dairies and journals of people from the queer community. These excerpts could be complete entries or uncompleted and unstructured excerpts that show our personal thoughts and reflections about our lived experience. 

We welcome submissions and they can be sent to etqueerfamily@gmail.com

“I just came back from an Iftar at a friend’s house where the discussion turned to Obama and same-sex marriage. The friend whom I thought would be vehemently against same-sex marriage actually said “Allah gives us freedom to decide and all judgment is for Allah” and the younger people who I thought would be less opposed to it ended up wanting to kill all homos. I guess one should never assume. Great food ruined by idiotic thinking:)”

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