Ethioqueer Podcast: Season 2

We are excited to announce that season two of Ethioqueer Podcast has started. As per your request to minimize the wait time between episodes, we are releasing the 12 episodes weekly. 

Our first episode – which can be listened to here –  is on the LBQ dating scene in Ethiopia. Given the small size of the LBQ community and the homophobia in Ethiopia, dating is a risk and a challenge for queer people. 

You should join us as we discuss dating with four LBQ Ethiopians and they explore issues such as how those in the LBQ community meet each other, hook up culture, long term relationships and biases in dating.

The podcast captures the joys and tribulations of dating and gives us some useful tips on how to navigate the Ethiopian dating scene.

We hope you will enjoy the podcast and, as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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