Ethioqueer Podcast: Reconciliation of faith and sexuality

As LBQ Ethiopians, we often sit on the sidelines and watch religious institutions – and oftentimes people of faith – weaponize faith against us. We are constantly taught that homosexuality is a Western import and our religious leaders may spend – depending on our place of faith – an inordinate amount of time preaching about the evil consequences of being a “homosexual”. 

It is, therefore, no wonder that as queer people in Ethiopia, one of the biggest blocks to self-acceptance is the struggle to reconcile our faith with our sexuality. 

In an effort to give voice to this important struggle, Ethioqueer Podcast hosted a conversation with LBQ individuals who come from different religions. It was a truly fascinating conversation that not only spoke to the strength of these individuals but really underscored the possibilities that are available to us when we aspire to dig deep. The conversation was also a reminder that no two journeys are the same but that with tenacity, constant reflection and support we have the strength to keep searching.

Can we reconcile our faith and sexuality and learn to accept ourselves for who we are as LBQ Ethiopians? Their answers will surprise you and their conversation will make you laugh while giving you hope.

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