Ethioqueer Podcast: Being butch or masculine presenting

“Butchness or presenting in a masculine manner is really only about how one chooses to dress or present,” Maraki says as a way of explaining her gender expression.

Our fifth podcast focuses on butch or masculine presenting queer women. 

How does our society understand these women that it calls, when literally translated from the Amharic, “like men”? What is their experience? 

Queer people, like everyone else, are products of the patriarchy, and as such, our thinking is heavily influenced by it. We live in a society that equates bravery, leadership, and giving with masculinity, while weakness and receiving are associated with femininity. This thinking shapes our day-to-day lives, including our romantic relationships.

“You are expected to pay because you are masculine presenting,” says Fitsum when talking about being forced into traditional gender roles.

The conversation between these four women covered topics such as gender roles, their daily lived experiences, and how they overcome the challenges that they face.

As people who grew up in this society, this conversation will help us develop a better understanding of gender and it will help us tackle our misconceptions around these issues.


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