Ethioqueer Podcast: Sex positivity

“There are different spaces where we can hold various discussions, but there are no places where we can discuss sex openly, including one that is based on research. We mostly don’t want to deal with discussions that make us uncomfortable,” says one of our guests.

“If the idea of offering classes on sex education in schools were to be brought up, parents, teachers, and the rest of society would oppose it because they don’t see the lessons as being about gaining knowledge about our bodies but as ruining your mentality,” adds another.

The above quotes that are taken from the podcast remind us that we come from a society that sees sex from a place of judgement and views sex itself as if it is something that is taboo and shameful. How then do we, as a queer community, start a conversation to create a better understanding of sex? 

“How do we listen to each other better in this community?” “How do we protect each other?” asks one of our guests. “If we are this judgmental towards each other in our own communities, how then can we even think of places of protection outside our communities?”

In this podcast, our guests try to instill sex positivity in us: They engage around issues such as the problems in the queer community when it comes to discussions of sex, the sending of pictures on social media without consent, and the need for open communication in our relationships.


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