Ethioqueer Podcast: Gender identities and expressions

At a recent LBQ gathering, in the middle of a discussion about our identities, one of the people said, “I identify as non-binary.” Silence fell in the room, and most just  had a blank look. Finally, a butch lesbian was brave enough to simply ask, “What the hell is that?”

Gender identities and expressions are rarely discussed within the LBQ community. Most people in the community have a very binary view of gender and may not have the opportunity to have an open, non-judgmental conversation about it.

We hope the latest release from Ethioqueer Podcast is a step toward starting a conversation. Two non-binary Ethiopians take us through their gender journey and explain what gender means to them. 

 We grapple with the challenges of talking about non-binary people using the right pronouns and try to expand the Amharic language to fit our realities instead of being limited by it.

 We hope it serves as an opening for more conversations.

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