Ethioqueer Podcast: Biphobia in the LGBTQ+ community

Sadly, biphobia in our Ethiopian LGBTQ+ community is rampant, and we don’t need to go far to understand to what extent it affects bisexual people. Our conversation for this week’s Ethioqueer Podcast can be used as a beginning step to divulge deeper into the topic.

Our guests explain the various myths that circulate in the community, from how bisexuals have it easier because “they can choose to be with men” to how they are just “playing with women until they go back to men” to how they enjoy the same privileges as straight people. Bisexuals face constant discrimination and are at times not welcomed in queer spaces; or, at best, they are welcomed, but some make endless and hurtful biphobic comments that are often not challenged by other queer people.

What is biphobia? What can be done about biphobia? How does biophobia affect bisexual people? What are the challenges to creating all inclusive spaces within the LGBTQ+ community?

We may not have all the answers, but this discussion is a very good and critical place to start.

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