Excerpts from a Diary: Brave souls

This is our “Excerpts from a Dairy” series. We publish excerpts of thoughts and reflections from emails, dairies and journals of people from the queer community. These excerpts could be complete entries or uncompleted and unstructured excerpts that show our personal thoughts and reflections about our lived experience. 

We welcome submissions and they can be sent to etqueerfamily@gmail.com

The below excerpt, extracted from a longer email, is an exploration about how to create an LGBTQ+ community in Ethiopia.

“I have respect for African activist queers (and allies). Can you imagine not being afraid of the barrel of a gun while it is pointed at you? Having the ability to say, “shoot because I am not stepping back from my convictions/from who I am”? Being able to stand up for what you believe in despite a real risk to your life? I have a friend who keeps reminding me that it is important to build community before one takes that risk. How the hell does one build community?

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