For those that celebrate the New Year …

From Ugandan leaders “raising alarms based on the old homophobic delusion that LGBTQ people want to turn straight children gay” to a proposal in Ghana that is considered the “worst anti-LGBTQ bill ever,” the assault on African LGBTQ+ people has seen a continuation over the past year.

Activists and many other LGBTQ+ people have lost their lives for the crime of who they are or why they love. Many have seen their liberties curtailed just because of their sexuality and gender identity. Hate supported by various institutions will continue to negatively impact our lives, and we will continually be used as scapegoats for the many problems that affect our African people. 

While this may scare those of us who are members of the LGBTQ+ communities within Africa, we know that we must persevere and continue to live our lives in a way that honors who we are.

For those that celebrate the New Year according to the Julian calendar, this is our message of hope as you go into the new year. Remember that we are resilient people who will continue to resist subjugation. We will continue to live our lives authentically and with the utmost dignity.

Happy New Year!

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