Excerpts from a Diary: Religion, anger and I

This is our “Excerpts from a Dairy” series. We publish excerpts of thoughts and reflections from emails, dairies and journals of people from the queer community. These excerpts could be complete entries or uncompleted and unstructured excerpts that show our personal thoughts and reflections about our lived experience. 

We welcome submissions and they can be sent to etqueerfamily@gmail.com

The below excerpt is taken from a longer conversation about queerness and religion with an Ethiopian queer person.

“Every time I think of religion, it actually always boils down to being angry. I don’t think I processed my feelings in detail and know exactly how I feel, but I am just angry. At times, it is really depressing. It keeps me up at night. I feel very confused. I don’t know if I am making the right decision. So the biggest reaction is just being angry. I’m really angry at religion, the institutions, and all this made-up shit.

More than anything, what really bugs me is the fear of rejection from your own family.”

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