Date ideas with your lover

Because the country we live in doesn’t accept our identity, we tend to spend a lot of time at home with a lover to protect our safety. What can we do to have a good date while still being safe? What can we do to avoid boredom that might come about from just staying at home all the time?

We can, of course, try to cook together at home, exercise, watch movies, listen to music, and, at times, take flights of fancy together by daydreaming. Sometimes we despise the idea of going out when we think about the world outside that is bent on hating us because of our sexuality. But what can we do outside the house? What are the things we can do to find joy away from prying eyes?

My lover and I try to have a good time by partaking in some of the following activities to avoid boredom:

  • We go on walks in nearby locations
  • We go to cultural and arts programs or theatre  of our choice
  • We explore restaurants that are not very busy and are not very well known.
  • We travel outside of Addis Ababa by using various transportation methods that are within our budget. 

How do you spend your time?

Love is made even sweeter when you put effort into it.

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