Testament to our strength: Dayi Report!

For the past few months, we have witnessed a campaign of hate that we had never previously encountered. Although we are aware of the hatred of the society in which we live, the videos of threats that were released on TikTok have shown us how deeply rooted the hate is.

While we and our allies can’t openly support the queer community, the work that we have done anonymously via our phones should not be taken lightly. We have fought steadfastly, from shutting down TikTok accounts with millions of followers to issuing warnings.

Although they thought we were small in number, our collective efforts made it seem like we were thousands. This special edition of “Dayi Report!” is designed to be a testimony and a reminder of how each of us in the queer community and our allies have dealt with the hate campaign.

In this short zine, we see how we learned to report, how we marched against hatred with humor, and how we supported each other.

One of the manifestations of pride is cooperation. Thank you for your tireless effort and commitment.

Our struggle continues!

(“Dayi Report!” Click the link below to download or read.)

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